About me

I work in the Public Sector Governance Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean, in The World Bank. As a Public Sector Specialist, I provide technical advise to national and sub-national governments on how to improve their capacity for improving their public service delivery. I usually use some type of empirical methodology for designing the advisory services, unless governments specifically request for some type of desk review of best practices or regulations. Usual working topics are public financial management, procurement, legal institutions, regulations, strengthening of sub-national governments, design of performance indicators, organizational performance, among others. As a Public Sector Specialist, I also perform certain procurement and supervision duties for existing lending operations with justice sector institutions in the region, plus I develop new ones whenever this is adequate.

Before joining to The World Bank, I was a full time professor at ITAM in Mexico, where I taught mostly law & economics, as well as labor/employment law.

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