About me

Jorge Luis Silva is currently a Public Sector Specialist in the World Bank leading the analytical and operational work as a Team Task Leader of several projects. His work is mainly related to empirical legal studies oriented to find policy solutions for entities of the public sector, particularly those ones providing justice services. As a World Bank Specialist, he has participated in several projects in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Ecuador, Morocco and Pakistan. Before going to the World Bank, he was an associate professor at the Law School of the Autonomous Technical Institute of Mexico (ITAM), where he taught economic analysis of the law, labor and employment law. Jorge Luis has published papers in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal, as well as in other peer-reviewed journals in Mexico and Spain in the fields of law, gender, education, and school violence. Jorge Luis holds a doctoral degree in law and a master in statistics from Stanford University.

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You can also read some of my entry blogs in the following World Bank site: http://blogs.worldbank.org/es/team/jorge-luis-silva-mendez