Jorge Luis Silva Méndez - About me

I led projects focused on designing policy solutions for improving service delivery in public sector entities. I have mainly worked in the Latin American and the Caribbean region, but I have some experience in other countries of other regions, such as Morocco, Pakistan and Equatorial Guinea, among others. Some of the issues that I have worked are the following ones: justice, public financial management, procurement, asset management, treasury, tax, citizen participation and transparency, poverty, health, labor, regulation, among others.

I possess (i) top analytical and methodological skills for designing policy-relevant studies, as well as solid knowledge of quantitative (including econometric methods) and qualitative tools for generating evidence on the issues analyzed, (ii) proven capacity to work in multi-sectorial teams working in cutting edge and complex policy issues, (iii) experience in performing all types of projects, both lending and non-lending operations (such as trust funds and non-reimbursable technical advisory services), as a team member and as a task team leader, and (iv) excellent and proven capacity for collaborating and interacting with other multilateral organizations, other development partners, academia, and with internal and external clients in order to be significantly involved in the public debate and influence in the relevant policy dialogue.

Before coming to the World Bank, I was a professor of the Law School at ITAM, in Mexico, where I taught economic analysis of the law, labor and employment law. I have published papers in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal, as well as in other peer-reviewed journals. I hold a doctoral degree in law and a master in statistics from Stanford University.

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