Jorge Ferreria

    Jorge has had a distinguished thirty year career in the pop/folk music genre and is widely known as the 
"Portuguese American King of Pop. he started performed on the side for weddings and in clubs, to help his 
parents. He began to become integrated into a musical group in Fall River called “Banda de Nossa 
Senhora da Luz” and quickly his name spread everywhere.He sang English and Portuguese, and in a 
short time he became known in the U.S.A.’s Portuguese-American community. Later, one of the first 
Portuguese record companies in Fall River contacted him to record three songs in Portuguese. He signed 
a three year contract and the way to new frontiers was opened.… A new star was born!
    Jorge Ferreira’s career started in 1972 at 17 years old. At this time, he was only an amateur and released 
several singles and maxi LP’s with his orchestra “Conjunto Venus”. In 1980, he signed his first true 
definitive contract with the American editor “Henda Records & Videos”, located in Mount Vernon, NY, at 
this time and he released the first album of his career “Amar Como Jesus Amou” (To Love Like Jesus 
Loved) He decided, at the same time, to sell his albums in Portugal and signed a contract with the editor 
“Metro-Som”, located in Lisbon. In 1983, he signed a new contract with another Portuguese editor “Radio 
Triunfo Internacional”, and he released the second album “Viva Fall River” (Live Fall River) which became 
a giant success, especially in the United States. He hit the top of Portugal’s charts with this hit song. At 
this time, Jorge Ferreira became a great star and a confirmed artist. In the same year, he released 
another album “Os Olhos De Minha Mãe” (The Eyes Of My Mother) containing the hit songs “O Pensar 
Dum Emigrante” and “Natal Duma Criança”. He began tio give many concerts in the US.Over the years, Jorge 
experienced many successes with hit songs, albums, and concerts. In 2001, he 
released a s new song “A Chupeta” (The Lollipop) which was well known in Portugal. In 2002, he worked 
with the famous Boston producer.     
    He later performed for the “Katrina Event Benefit Concert”, a Hurricane Katrina 
fundraiser show, with an amazing lineup of several local and international artists including the Jordan 
Ferreira’s band “Mindwalk Blvd” raising a large sum of money to donate to the American Red Cross to 
help the hurricane victims and the city of New Orleans, LA.
In 2009, Ferreira became the most nominated artist to the second Portuguese Music Awards of America, 
the A.U.A. Awards Show Gala II. He won 6 Award
    Presently, Jorge Ferreira is an author, songwriter, performer, musician, producer and graduate in 
musicology. He is still among the top 20 artists in Portugal and performs on about 40 records which 
includes 24 gold records, 8 silver records and 14 platinum records, and numbering about 600 songs 
written and recorded by himself. He is famous in all Portuguese-speaking countries and areas. He 
appears on the best worldwide stages.He is the most famous Portuguese singer in the United States with more than 5 millions 
of sold records throughout the world.
The secret of the Jorge Ferreira’s success is his wonderful voice, his envious communicative talent with 
the public, his professional orchestra. His lyrics reflect all the sorrows, joys, nostalgias and loves of all the 
Portuguese immigrants in the world who, through these lyrics, search for a way to feel close to everything Portuguese. 
He mixes the American pop rock with the Portuguese National Folk music and the 
result is great. He sings in various musical styles, going through country, rock, pop, pop rock, ballads, 
reggae, dance, flamenco, Latin music, American folk, fado, Christmas songs, Portuguese National Folk 
and Portuguese folklore