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Profissional projects:

Importance Sampling Methods in Complex Systems (PhD, 2012-)

Supervisor: Eduardo G. Altmann
Funding: FCT - PhD-grant 2012

Stochastic Perturbations on Chaotic Billiards (MsC Thesis, 2011-2012)

Funding: Erasmus Placement

Monte Carlo Simulations on Projected Phase Space

Funding: FCT - Introduction to Investigation Grant

Drop Your Thesis, organized by ESA Education

Personal projects:


We apply Bayesian Inference to estimate the probability of majority in the German Election of September 2012.
Group: Eduardo G. Altmann, Martin Gerlach, José M. Miotto, Me

Public problems and solutions (of Portugal)

A website to discuss in a collaborative way about problems and solutions (in Portuguese).

Public contracts (repository)

An open source API and website to access the public database of portuguese public contracts.