Ph.D. Philosophy, University of California, Irvine
B.A. Philosophy, University of Illinois, Chicago

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
City Tech and Brooklyn College

Email: j stein logic at gmail dot com

In my dissertation, "How Many Notions of Necessity? An Essay on the Foundations of Two-Dimensional Semantics," I explore the foundations of two-dimensional semantics in two systems of two-dimensional modal logic.  I add the operator 'Fixedly' to Kai Wehmeier's Subjunctive Modal Logic--Subjunctive Modal Logic extends the expressive capacity of modal predicate logic in virtue of a semantically significant typographical distinction between predication in the indicative and subjunctive mood--and show the equivalence of deep and superficial necessity in this system.  In addition, I show that the traditional examples of the contingent a priori are not both contingent and a priori in Subjunctive Modal Logic.  Subjunctive Modal Logic and 'Actually'-enriched Modal Logic (S5A) are expressively equivalent, and hence each provides a plausible extension of the expressive capacity of ordinary modal predical logic. These results show that the distinction between truth at all worlds w and truth at all worlds w considered as actual are not robust between equivalent equivalent systems of two-dimensional modal logic.  Accordingly, the existence of two notions of necessity and the contingent a priori cannot be asserted outright.  In the rest of my dissertation I explore some consequences of these findings for the program of two-dimensional semantics.

A summary of my dissertation is available here.