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Have you ever seen a documentary about India?

Do you know that social classes are important there?

India was a British colony.

John is an American journalist who must write an article for an important American newspaper about India during the British colonization. He must travel to India and there interview a rich and a poor native and a British colonist too.

Your job will be to gather information given by the different people through interviews and write the article.


The Task

Form groups of four. Each group has four roles: the journalist, the rich native, the poor native and the colonist. You will search information about your character to answer the journalist question.

The final task is writing the article using the information the journalist will have compiled.

The Process

To accomplish the task, you must follow the steps.

1. Work individually and do your character's activities:

    1. The Journalist: Complete the table





    2. The poor native: treasure hunt






    3. The rich native: Treasure hunt





    4. The colonist: treasure hunt





2. Get ready for the interviews: the Journalist asks some questions to the poor native, the rich one and the colonist. Once the interviews are finished, the Journalist can start writing the article helped by the others.





Very Good









You understood your role perfectly and you answered all the questions correctly.

You did all the activities, but there were some mistakes in your answers.

You completed all the activities but, there were important mistakes

You didn't complete all the activities, and there were several mistakes in your answers.





Very good, you read all the information and you knew how to answer all the questions.

You have read all the information and you have organized it very clearly.

You have read all the information but, you didn't present it clearly

You didn't read all the information and and you didn't present it clearly.


Group Work



You asked/answered all the questions in a very good way.

You worked coordinated but, it could be seen that not all members work equally.

You didn't work as coordinated as it was expected.

It seemed that you worked individually instead of in groups.




You had very few grammatical or spelling errors. None of them are very important.

You had some vocabulary, spelling and grammar mistake. Some of them are important.

You had some important grammar, spelling and vocabulary mistakes.

You have a lot of important grammatical/ spelling errors.


You have learned a lot about India and its people . Therefore, you can visit India in a near future and contrast the information which you have acquired through the Internet. You can look for more information and compare India with your own country and with similar countries. Remember to consider all the points of point before creating your own opinion.

Credits & References

We would like to thank the inventor of “the google site” since it has helped us to find beautiful pictures.

We also want to thank Isabel Pérez whose help made possible the culmination of this work.

Bernie Dodge´s knowledge about webquests has been essential as well as the technical devices of CEP Manacor

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