Jordan Birnbaum
From Early Days as Senior VP at Juno to Current Endeavors

New York native Jordan Birnbaum moved to Los Angeles in December, 2002, to take over the management of Qtopia Events, a company in which he had invested in 2001. Prior to his affiliation with Qtopia, Birnbaum had been a highly successful executive at Juno Online, Inc.

Birnbaum's Career at Juno

Birnbaum joined Juno in 1995, and though he had completed his studies at Cornell University just a few years earlier, he already had an impressive resume. He had an exemplary academic career which included placement on the Dean’s List at Cornell, private study session with Professor Dean Lillard and a semester field study that included developing and implementing a homeless housing project (HIPP) for The American Red Cross. Birnbaum had also begun an eighteen month associate training program at an investment banking firm (DE Shaw) and had subsequently been transferred to London where he managed several issues and the company’s Tokyo Stock Exchange live operations.

Jordan Birnbaum - Juno Days

Initially, Jordan Birnbaum was appointed to be Juno’s Director of Subscriber Acquisition, and while in that role sealed many worthwhile deals for the company. He was the driving force behind a groundbreaking in-store distribution deal with Blockbuster Videos and Blockbuster Music in 1996, which brought in more than one million subscribers. The Blockbuster deal gained quite a bit of attention, and it became the model for the industry standard.

Juno management recognized Birnbaum’s management, marketing and leadership abilities and quickly moved him up the corporate later. He became the Vice President of Business Development, and then Senior V.P. of Business Development, which required that he manage the company’s sales and marketing staff, take on revenue operations and also manage the advertising department. As the company prepared to go public, Birnbaum played a critical role in the company’s road show, which lead to a successful IPO and the company’s impressive performance on the market.

Branching Out Into the Live Entertainment Industry

In 2001, Jordan Birnbaum decided to branch out into the live entertainment industry and made a sizeable investment in a new company, Qtopia. The new venture was dedicated to creating a unique environment for entertainers which included multi-media production facilities and a live entertainment venue. By 2002, however, the company was floundering and Birnbaum decided to move to Los Angeles so that he could take a more hands on approach.

Indeed, Birnbaum quickly turned Qtopia’s mission statement into a reality at the company’s live music and entertainment venue, The Vanguard on Hollywood Boulevard. Between 2004 and 2009, it generated over forty million dollars, working with Electric Daisy Carnival, Giant and Deep and other projects, Hollywood premier parties, concerts and corporate parties.

Birnbaum, who is also a comedy writer, singer and songwriter, enjoys performing stand-up comedy. His comedy is often of a political, farcical nature, and his next project, The Secret Beatnik Party, is an outlet for his own brand of comedy. The project is actually a joint effort between Birnbaum and partner Richard Belzer, who Birnbaum met when he produced a Belzer’s “Special Victims” comedy show. Belzer is, perhaps, best known for his work on the popular TV program, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

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