Professional Journals

"Time-varying Information Rigidities and Fluctuations in Professional Forecasters' Disagreement" Economic Modelling, 2018, 75, 117-131

"Monetary Policy and Asset Prices: A Markov-switching DSGE Approach" Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2017, 32, 965-982

"Fiscal Financing and the Efficacy of Fiscal Policy in Korea: An Empirical Assessment with Comparison to the U.S. Evidence" joint with Kang Koo Lee, Economic Modelling, 2017, 64, 473-486

"Assessment of Hybrid Phillips Curve Specifications" joint with Marcelle Chauvet and Insu Kim, Economics Letters, 2017, 156, 53-57

"Inattentive Agents and Disagreement about Economic Activity" joint with Insu Kim, Economic Modelling, 2017, 63, 175-190

"Fiscal Multipliers of Korea: A Bayesian VAR Approach" joint with Kang Koo Lee, Bank of Korea Economic Analysis (in Korean), 2017, 23(1), 55-81

"Information Rigidities in Survey Data: Evidence from Dispersion in Forecasts and Forecast Revisions" joint with Insu Kim, Economics Letters, 2016, 142, 10-14

"Financial Openness, The Financial Accelerator and Sectoral Dynamics" joint with Emmanuel K. K. Lartey, International Review of Economics and Finance, 2016, 42, 277-290

"Dissecting the Effects of Terms of Trade Shocks on the Korean Economy" joint with Jinho Choi and Manho Kang, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 2017, 53, 1199-1216

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"An Examination of Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Korea Exploiting a Markov-Switching DSGE Approach" joint with Jinho Choi, Economic Modelling, 2015, 51, 183-199.

Research Working Papers

● "Bad Luck, Bad Policy, and Learning? A Markov-Switching Approach to Understanding Postwar U.S. Macroeconomic Dynamics" joint with Gabriela Best

● "Measuring the Impact of Population Aging on Tax Revenue: Evidence from Japan and Korea" joint with Kang Koo Lee

● "Fiscal Multipliers of a Rapidly Aging Small Open Emerging Economy: The Case of Korea" joint with Wooheon Rhee

● "Understanding the Effects of Unanticipated Future Monetary Policy Shocks"

● "On the Fit of the SVAR Identification Schemes of Government Spending Shocks"

● "Fiscal Financing and The Effects of Government Spending: A VAR Approach"

● "Testing the Expectations Hypothesis in Continuous-Time"

Work in Progress

"No News is Good News" joint with Eric M. Leeper and Todd B. Walker

"Good Policy or Learning Evolution? A Markov-Switching Approach to Understanding the Determinants of Fed Policy" joint with Gabriela Best

"Government Debt and the Effects of Fiscal Stimuli: Theory and Empirics" joint with Jong-Suk Han

"Remittances, Fiscal Policy and Dutch Disease Effects" joint with Emmanuel K. K. Lartey, Federico S. Mandelman and Pablo A. Acosta