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Research Working Papers

● "Labor Income Share and Economic Fluctuations: A Sign-restricted VAR Approach"

● "Effect of Monetary Policy on Government Spending Multiplier" joint with Jong-Suk Han

● "Time-varying Effect of Monetary Policy on Capital Flows in Korea" joint with Kyunghun Kim

● "On the Fit of the SVAR Identification Schemes of Government Spending Shocks"

● "Fiscal Financing and The Effects of Government Spending: A VAR Approach"

Work in Progress

"No News is Good News" joint with Eric M. Leeper and Todd B. Walker

"Good Policy or Learning Evolution? A Markov-Switching Approach to Understanding the Determinants of Fed Policy" joint with Gabriela Best

"Uncertain Information and Fluctuations" joint with Donghoon Yoo

"Estimation of the TANK Model for Korea" joint with Yongseung Jung