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I graduated from University of Turku in 2010 as an elementary school teacher. After that I've had the opporturnity to work in several innovative and technologically advanced schools in Southern Finland as an ICT-educator and a teacher.

Now I work as a class teacher in Taimo elementary school in Naantali, Finland. I have 20 enthusiastic students in my classroom and we have 1:1 iPad.

I also train and educate other teachers in using technology in their classrooms - mainly with iPads and Apple technology because that's my specialty.

I have years of experience as an ICT-trainer, mentor and a class teacher and I have a very large international professional network. That's how I stay in the development both technically and pedagogically.

"It doesn't matter what the devices are, as long as they help learners and keep them motivated"

I have been working with iPads in education since 2011 and I have seen the benefits of Apple technology. I see the iPad as a very innovative, engaging and powerful device in the education. Technology can't replace everything but it sure does help the learning process in several ways. You can often do many things much easier with the help of technology. I encourage and inspire everyone around me to try fresh and motivational ways to learn.

"Everyone can create something new and awesome as long as the tools are right"

I've never been able to draw - with a pen and paper. Technology has helped me and many of my students on the way. You can uncover the skills and abilities of a learner by selecting right technological solutions and make learning fun, easy and engaging.

The new Finnish curriculum obligates and also gives more freedom to teachers. This is where the benefits of technology are crucial as a motivator. And the motivation is the main key to learning.

My long experience as an ICT-trainer, innovator, mentor and a class teacher together with Apple certificates guarantees the high quality of my trainings.

Contact and book me as a trainer or a speaker to your event. Every training session is tailored to client's needs.


Joonas Väisänen

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