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Dynamic, high energy marketing professional with a solid track record of driving product strategy and execution. Consummate relationship builder with demonstrated ability to forge client relationships in a variety of industries. Well regarded for being a visionary leader and a clear communicator with high credibility.



          Market Strategy Development

          Standards Development

          High-impact Relationship Building

          Marketing Execution

          Public Relations

          Team Building & Leadership



June 2011 to March 2012

Small Business Community Representative

Key Accomplishment: Dramatically increased awareness in the Portland business community of CenturyLink’s viability as an alternative to cable for internet service, thus reducing churn by 10% and directly impacting client retention.

          Contributed to 50% higher increase in access line sales and high speed internet access for small businesses as compared to a similar market without a community representative.

          Exceeded all goals for engaging new contacts and for referring a portion of those contacts to CenturyLink’s retail and mid-cap sales organizations.

          Attained a score of 9.085 out of 10 in overall customer satisfaction surveys, indicating a high likelihood of customer recommendations.

          Positively impacted the online marketing efforts of small businesses by offering them information and technology consultations.

          Increased awareness of CenturyLink’s product and service offerings by participating in dozens of online and face-to-face networking groups and business district and chamber of commerce organizations.

          Added value to CenturyLink’s presence by delivering dozens of presentations on online marketing and Internet technology topics at meetings of business leaders and small business owners.

          Expanded the word-of-mouth reach through recruiting “ambassadors” to help recommend CenturyLink’s products and services to their peers.

          Utilized my 700+ member business network to improve small business relationships by providing referrals and bringing businesses together to help each other.


Insurance and Financial Services Agent

October 2009 to May 2011

and April 2003 to March 2008

Key Accomplishment: Successfully obtained education in an entirely new field of endeavor to obtain insurance and security licenses needed to help customers with their insurance and other financial needs.

          Used consultative selling techniques to help customers achieve their desired levels of protection with auto, home, life, umbrella, flood and specialty insurance.

          Explained complex insurance issues and financial services products to the buying public in clear, concise and understandable manner without jargon.

          Cultivated the respect of business peers through active participation in and promotion of business district association activities and events.


March 2008 to September 2009

Executive Director

Key Accomplishment: Testified effectively before Portland City Council on matters of importance to small businesses in Portland and to secure an additional $250,000 per year funding for the APNBA.

          Forged partnerships with the Portland Business Alliance, Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs and several regional and ethnic Chambers of Commerce to coordinate efforts and forge consensus positions.

          Developed brochures, membership promotional materials and event flyers for many of the 25 business district associations we served; revamped the website, weekly NewsSource e-newsletter and monthly Voice publication.

          Organized and held quarterly workshops and an annual conference.

          Assisted member organization officers with membership recruiting and marketing/public relations material development.

          Developed brochures and presentations for use with the public and City, State and Regional government organizations explaining the vision, mission, goals and activities of the APNBA.


June 1996 to January 2003

Marketing Manager/Business Unit Manager

Key Accomplishment: Built IMS’s mixed-signal test equipment system business unit from $1.2 million in sales to over $10 million in sales in just over three years. Converted IMS from a small custom engineering shop to a full-fledged business unit producing standard products.

          Launched successful inbound and outbound marketing programs and executed them throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia by conducting market research and working closely with ad agencies to reach targeted markets.

          Led Fluence Technology’s highly complex built-in self-test intellectual property development and marketing efforts with major electronics companies.

          Spearheaded the creation of multiple application notes and a comprehensive collection of support materials needed for customers to successfully use our technology and equipment.

          Instrumental in establishing the company’s technical expertise by authoring articles and technical papers and presenting them at domestic and international conferences, workshops and symposia.

          Executed cohesive business strategies based on marketing inputs by working effectively with engineering and other internal customer organizations.


August 1994 to June 1996

Product Manager/Product Marketing Manager

Key Accomplishment: Took sales from zero to $3 million in 18 months and successfully launched the mixed-signal simulation products to customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

          Developed product introduction strategy and targeted materials including brochures, application notes, user manuals, marketing/sales presentations, seminar/workshop materials and presentations for sales meetings and conferences.

          Created inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to support the field sales channel and management’s needs for information and results reporting.

          Trained the field sales channel specialists and managed the applications engineering staff.

          Negotiated OEM contracts for externally developed software products.



June 1978 to August 1994

President and CEO, Principal Consultant

Key Accomplishment: Helped hundreds of major electronics companies worldwide save millions of dollars per year in manufacturing test costs, as well as achieve major improvements in operational costs, product and service time-to-market and total customer satisfaction.

          Led the development of a world-wide testability standard within the IEEE Computer Society’s Test Technology Technical Committee.

          Developed and conducted seminars on Design for Testability and ISO-9000 quality principles, design for test, manufacturing and field service test strategy development and concurrent engineering for hundreds of electronics device and equipment manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.


          Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, Survey Monkey, CMS editors and various e-mail and calendaring systems.

          Intermediate to advanced knowledge of SalesForce CRM system.

          Proficient in social media networking including the utilization of Facebook, LinkedIn, Biznik and other related websites.


          LUTCF (Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow), The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA June 2005 – July 2006

          Continuing Education Multiple management and business courses over the years in both academic and business settings.


          Founder and multi-year president of the American Society of Test Engineers.

          Founder and multi-year chair of IEEE-1149 Testability Bus Standardization Technical

          Past member of IEEE, ASTE, Society of Quality Assurance (UK), local business
associations and fraternal organizations.

          Frequent speaker on technical and business topics with many best presentation awards

          Author of books “Design to Test” and “Managing Concurrent Engineering” and hundreds of design, test, quality and service related articles and technical papers at U.S. and international conferences.

          Holder of U.S. Patent for Testability System

          U.S. Army Veteran 1966-1969


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