Having worked in IT for 32 years I took the opportunity for redundancy in 2010

I wanted to find something that would allow me to develop a more creative side and I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, making things, and I love wood - the smell, the texture and the beauty of the grain, and the endless variation. So I decided to give woodturning a go. I took a days tuition from a local woodturner, liked it, bought a lathe and tools, set up a workshop in my garage and started making shavings and dust....lots of dust. That was Novermber 2010.

My work has developed steadily in the nearly two years since I started. From simple open bowls to more closed bowl shapes to bowls with lids and finials.

One of the limitations of turning is that pieces are generally absolutely round and perfectly symmetrical but I am now experimenting with techniques that allow me to make vessels with very small and/or  off-centre openings and I also recently started to carve and shape pieces after turning.  My designs are therefore becoming organic and more responsive to the wood.

My output is very low, I make on average about one work per week and have made 150 pieces to date (Aug 12). I spend as long as I need to on every piece and attention to detail and quality of feel and finish are paramount. Every piece is signed and individually dated and numbered, every piece is unique.

I’m very proud that I was selected to be featured in a book on Handmade Design in Britain, that was published to coincide with London Design Week in 2011 , and one of my pieces appeared in the launch show. I also took part in the local (York) Open Studios Event in 2012 (and sold out) and hope to take part again in 2013.

I am genuinely proud of the work that I do. If I didn’t like it how could I expect my customers to like it too.