Exhibitions and Reports by Jonathan Clark

Driving up the Heat for Rapture
The State of this Planet an exhibition by Jonathan Clark September 2011.

This exhibition explores the problems this World faces today and in the near future. Overpopulation, waste and ocean pollution, sea rise, floods and droughts, peak oil, gas, coal and minerals, food shortages, inequality, denial, mass species extinction, obesity and famine, free market economies in a finite world, renewable energy, peace and conflict, global wellbeing, climate change and the current economic situation. This exhibition is challenging.

The State of this Planet pdf linked below contains the text, graphs and selected images from this exhibition.

Report regarding Lubenham Parish Council’s approach and actions in relation to the proposed and subsequent planning application for Gartree Wind Farm (Harborough Council 09/01220/FUL). (2008-2010)
By Jonathan Clark (Parishioner).

Lubenham Parish Council fully supported the Stop Gartree Wind Farm Action Group. This group, essentially a sub-committee of the Parish Council was headed by Councillor Sir Bruce MacPhail and run by his deputy Shaughan Ferguson. They did no hesitate to grossly exaggerate, misinform, deceive and be fraudulent in their efforts to stop the wind farm. Market Harborough District Council were happy to knowingly accept 2,301 fraudulent letters of objection so that they could make out that there was an 'unprecedented' level of objection to this application. The link below provides detailed information of these events.

I have complained to the Local Parliamentary Ombudsman with regard to Harborough Council accepting these fraudulent letters, but they are not interested. I will post the details shortly. I have also complained to the Standards for England regarding Councillor MacPhail's behaviour. It was investigated internally by the monitoring officer Trevor Maxwell and of course they found no complaint and there is no appeals procedure. I am still pursuing this and will post details soon.