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13 August 2010
Reviews by Jonathan and Maria Taylor appear in this week's Times Literary Supplement. See pp.26-7.
A poem, 'The Chasms, Isle of Man,' appears in The Seventh Quarry Magazine, issue 12, Summer 2010.
Jonathan and Maria Taylor are editing a new literary magazine, called Hearing Voices, which is to be published by Crystal Clear Creators (CCC) Publishing. See:
25 May 2010: Short story and poem
A short story by Jonathan called 'Synesthetic Schmidt' has appeared in Veto 4 magazine, edited by Amy Taylor. You can see details here:
Also, a poem by Jonathan, entitled 'History Lesson,' is featured in Acumen magazine, issue 67. See details here:
Thanks and best wishes as always, Jonathan
18 April 2010: Poem
Here you can find a new poem by Jonathan, which has been published by Spilt Milk Magazine (issue 2):
10 February 2010: Short story and poem
Jonathan's story, 'Introduction and Allegro, or Some Piece of Music,' appears in the new issue of Staple Magazine, issue 72.
Jonathan's poem, 'Balloon Nightmares,' appears in the new edition of Nucleus webzine:
20 November 2009: Story and poem
A poem by Jonathan, called 'Under the trimithies,' is published in the Cypriot literary journal Cadences (vol. 5, Fall 2009, pp.75-6).

A short story by Jonathan, called 'Smiling List,' is out now in the new literary journal, Blue-Eyed Boy-Bait (issue 1, Autumn 2009), pp.68-71.

You can also see more details of this great new literary journal here:

25 September 2009: Review and Story

Jonathan's review of Damon Franke's book, Modernist Heresies, is published in this week's Times Literary Supplement. His story 'Classical Section' appears in the new edition of Coffee House Magazine. 


7 May 2009: Review

Maria's review of Julie Coleman's book, A History of Slang and Cant Dictionaries, vol.3, is published in this week's Times Literary Supplement.


16 March 2009: Review

Jonathan's review of Floyd Skloot's memoir, The Wink of the Zenith, is published in this week's Times Literary Supplement.


February 2009: Remembering Places Facebook Group

A new Facebook group has been set up to accompany the trans-Atlantic blog, Remembering Places ( You can find the group here: 


February 2009: Major Grant

Crystal Clear Creators ( is pleased to announce that it has just received a major grant from Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund.


February 2009: 'Writing about Parkinson's'

Jonathan's article on writing and Parkinson's disease is published in the new issue of The Parkinson magazine.


February 2009: 'Writing Your Family History'

Jonathan's article on writing family history and memoirs is published this month in Family History Monthly magazine. 


6 January 2009: 'The Tyranny of Twins'

Jonathan's memoir article, 'The Tyranny of Twins,' appeared in The Times (Families section) on this day. It is also available online at Twins.


12 December 2008: review by David Morley

There is a kind mention of Take Me Home on David Morley's excellent blog; see the following link:

David Morley's blog


30 October 2008: 'Je ne regrette rien'

Jonathan's short story 'Je ne regrette rien' appears in the new issue of Stand Magazine (vol 8, no.3). See here for more details of the issue:

Stand Magazine


20 October 2008: Facebook site

There is a new Facebook group for Take Me Home, which anyone can join at this address:

Take Me Home Facebook Group


27 September 2008: New Blog

Jonathan has set up a new trans-Atlantic creative writing blog, with Dr. Rachel Wifall of St. Peter's College, New Jersey, called "Remembering Places." You can see it here: Remembering Places.


26 September 2008: Poem in Coffee House

Maria's poem, 'A Day At the Races,' appears in the new issue of The Coffee House literary magazine, issue 17.