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Personal interests, activities & recommendations.

      Jon & bow &
     guitar (no hat)

       Jon & hat &
     bass & car door.

Music & Dance:

  • Performance
    Bass, Guitar and Mandolin.
    English Country Dance bands.
    Contra Dance bands, including: 
       +  Hat Band
       +  Bridgetown Boys
       +  Coriolis
       +  Portland Megaband
  • Weddings and dances with a variety of      instrumentalists and callers

  • Written musical arrangements for strings and bands.

  • Private Lessons
    Bass, Guitar and Mandolin.

  • PA Service
    16+ channels, quality mics, large mains
    and monitors, experienced engineer. 
    Weddings, dances, events indoors and out.
    Greater Portland area.
     that fits in my Civic!"

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Hat Band video at Contra in the 'Couve

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