One of the best things about teaching and researching political science is the regular opportunity to learn new things, to connect both established and emerging political science theory and findings with contemporary politics. Both my teaching style and my expectations of students reflect my belief that there is always something new to learn about American politics and public policy. Understanding how the policy process operates, including how political scientists understand it, will help students become better citizens and everyday policy practitioners.

Courses taught or to be taught, University of Tampa:

PSC 101, Introduction to American Government
PSC 270, Research Methods
PSC 215/290, Introduction to Public Policy
PSC 312, The Politics of Money
PSC 318, Science, Technology, and Public Policy
PSC 401, Public Policy Analysis

Courses taught, University of Texas at Austin:

GOV 312L, Budget Politics in the U.S. and Texas. Fall 2016. Syllabus
UGS 303, Rethinking the Founding (discussion sections). Fall 2015.

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