My research agenda covers different American political institutions' policymaking roles and capacities, particularly how competition for information and attention shapes their agendas.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

· Lewallen, Jonathan. 2018. 
Congressional Attention and Opportunity Structures: The Select Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee. Review of Policy Research, 153-69. Abstract

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· Lewallen, Jonathan. 2016. Legislative Error and the "Politics of Haste." PS: Political Science & Politics, 239-43. Abstract
· Lewallen, Jonathan, Sean M. Theriault, and Bryan D. Jones. 2016. Congressional Dysfunction: An Information Processing Perspective. Regulation & Governance, 179-90. Abstract

Edited Volumes and Handbooks

· Lewallen, Jonathan. 2016. "Congress in the Policy Process." American Governance, ed. Stephen L. Schechter. Detroit, MI: Macmillan, 345-47.

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