About the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge

The Jonkershoek valley is without a doubt one of the 
most beautiful mountain scenes in the Western Cape. Massive turrets & cliffs of orange-faced quartzite hold fortress over a collection of rambling mountain streams and waterfalls. It's so magnificent that it's impossible to ignore, the essence of the place seeping under your skin into the fabric of your senses.  

With the kind permission of Cape Nature, we have been given access to the wilderness area hiking trails, and together with the MTO forestry tracks and mountain bike trails, the Wildrunner team have strung together what is arguably one of the most incredible mountain trail running challenges on the calendar!  

The Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge consists of three route options:
35km Jonkershoek Mountain Extreme
21km Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge
10km Jonkershoek Mountain Run

JMC 35km Extreme
This is without a doubt one of the most incredible mountain running race routes in the country!  With 2064m of vertical height gain ... and then of course the same in descent (click here for the route map and profile), this has been graded BROWN 7C by Wildrunner (click here for grading info).  

26km of the total 35km route is on technical mountain hiking trail through the most rugged, remote and spectacular mountain scenery imaginable. The photo to the left is taken at the 20km mark, the way down to CP2 with the peaks & turrents of Banghoek Range behind.

All Extreme runners will have to carry compulsory equipment as both the weather and the terrain demand that you be self sufficient.  There will only be 300 runners accepted for this route.

JMC 21km
We have extended this route from 19km to 21km this year, and although shorter and much less demanding than the 35km - runners should not underestimate the punch that this route has (
click here for the route map & profile). Roughly 650m of the total 1171m of vertical height gain on this route is between the 7 and 11km mark, but fortunately thereafter you turn and descend for the remainder of the distance back to the finish. The route is a medley of hiking trail, forest jeep tracks and mountain hiking trails - all within the lower slopes of the Jonkershoek mountains.  There is also a compulsory kit list for this route, although less comprehensive than the 35km.  This route will have a limit of 300 runners.

JMR 10km
Extended by 1km from 2012, this is all the fun without the sting! This route may start off the same, but when the other two longer routes head up into the clouds, that's when the fun begins (click here for the route map & profile). With the permission of MTO, we have set up an awesome mix of mountain bike trails and forested jeep tracks. If you're not quite keen on the longer distances, come and enjoy this more gentle run - you won't be disappointed! This route will have a limit of 350 runners.

For a good cause
By entering this event you will be contributing to the 'Nature Care Fund' (click here to read about this project) - so the more entries we receive the more of a difference we can make! To date Wildrunner has donated over R150,000 to conservation projects, making sure that as trail runners we are helping protect and conserve the very places we love to run in!

Brought to you by Wildrunner
The Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge is brought to you by South Africa's premier trail running specialists: Wildrunner 

Wildrunner started in 2007, and have run over 120 events in South Africa & Lesotho, with over 12,000 runners participating in their events in 2012. Other events include the Spur Trail Series (www.trailseries.co.za) and the Wildcoast, Lesotho and Richtersveld (www.wildrun.com).

For more info visit the Wildrunner website at www.wildrunner.co.za