The environment has suffered greatly over the last century or so, and this has dramatically affected the planet’s wildlife.

Thousands of species have been lost and many more remain on the danger list – the rhinoceros, elephants, tigers and even the king of the jungle, the lion all have numbers that are alarming as they are hunted for game or money.

Closer to home though the cases of animal cruelty are forever in the news – dogs, cats, horses – it seems a day doesn’t go by without news of animals being found it awful conditions.  Just this week as I write this over 350 animals were found in one house, rabbits, cats, dogs, all starving, some already dead, others eating the bodies of the dead to survive themselves.  It is truly appalling.  Stiffer penalties have to be imposed and people must be banned from ever keeping animals again.

The cost of keeping a pet, a dog for example, grows all the time – food and vet bills can be financially draining.  With four large dogs and a cat as pets I personally know this and I would beg people to think before acquiring a pet, of any kind.

I despair to see on websites puppies that are either being ‘flipped’ for a profit or breed for a profit.  There are many excellent rescue shelters for most animals that need support and also homes for their animals.  There will be one in your area, I can almost guarantee it, and please seriously consider adopting a rescue animal.

Two of the dogs we have are rescue dogs, both hounds; the third, a lab mix, we got from just up the road from us and the fourth, another lab, we actually flew over from the UK.  She’s been in the family since a pup, and is now the grand old age of eleven but still acts as a pup – (I mix coconut oil into all four dogs’ food every day and it has made such a difference, to their coats, their health and well being).

My personal favourite animal is the wolf and wolves are also under serious threat, as they are hunted for their fur.  There are many great people who are working tirelessly to try and protect this magnificent creature and they also need your support.

Can you imagine a world without elephants for example, or tigers?

Zoos and organisations such as the Born Free Foundation are doing incredible work now in wildlife conservation.  There are however companies such as Sea World, whose treatment of their ‘show’ animals has come under the microscope, and deservedly so.  Killer whales should not be performing tricks and should not be kept in such a small confined space.  Sea World actually does a lot of good work too but their treatment of the whales has severely tarnished them.

As for a circus, like many of us, as a kid, I would dream of running away, living in a caravan, performing under the big top.  I actually have an old photograph that my dad took the day the circus came to town in Cardiff when I was a young kid.  The possession is led by a young girl on an elephant and the tigers and lions were in cages for all to see.  We learn though, we are more educated about wildlife and although it is too late for some species we can stop the remaining animals from disappearing from the planet.

Below links to some societies and organisations you might be interested in will be added shortly.

Thank you.

Jon x