Klik Software Voluntary Ratings System

Welcome to the official page for the Klik Software Voluntary Ratings System.

This page will attempt to explain to you, the reader(s) how the KSVRS is supposed to work.

Suppose you have some freeware, and it happens to be a little inappropriate for children, or may it's made specifically for children. How do you get this point across easily and quickly? Well, yes, you could spam random internet users day in and day out, but it didn't work out so well the last time, now did it?

One (other) way you could do this is by using the KSVRS. What is the KSVRS, exactly? Well, basically, it is a system used to rate or present the rating of any freeware program, built especially for Klik software. It is similar to the ESRB's system, but this system is completely voluntary, meaning you don't have to use it. It would be nice if you did, however.

The system uses eight different ratings. They are:


They are described as such:

Early Age 1+ - Suitable for practically anyone who can use a computer. Contains no violence, mature content, or anything you wouldn't find on Nick Jr.

Early Age 3+ - A more specific rating for games that might include reading or may be heavily learning based, like the Jumpstart Education Series.

Anyone 6+ - Similar to the Everyone rating of the ESRB, or the 3+ PEGI rating. There might be the kind of violence where a badguy poofs when it dies, or maybe a rude joke, but the program is generally kid-appropriate.

Young Adult 13+ - This more of what was in the Anyone rating, only more pronounced. There might be bodily scars, or zombies, or sexual references, but the program isn't too bad.

Young Adult 16+ - Welcome to high school. Imagine your in English class and they tell you to write an essay about anything. Things that would be considered inappropriate for such an assignment, like specific sexual descriptions or massive bloodletting wont fall in this category.

Older 17+ - Just a little more bloodletting than Young Adult 16+, and maybe more mature content.

Restricted 18+ - You could put as much smoking or violence in here as you might find in any mature-rated game, but not so much violence as in Manhunt 1 or 2, or as much smoking as you might find in a smoke-filled bar.

Restricted 21+ - No one under this age should even think to use this program, it's that inappropriate. It might contain anything from full nudity to full visual body dismemberment.

You may be thinking, "Hey, some of these ratings are pretty redundant. Do we really need an 18+ and a 21+?" Let me respond by saying, that isn't your problem, it's mine. The "redundancy" only gives you more choices of how to rate your program.

But suppose you don't know what rating would be appropriate for your program? Well, a program has been created to help you rate your program, and that program is called the KSVRS Ratings Notepad. With it, you can rate your program easily and quickly. It doesn't take more that two minutes if you're quick. It works by asking you a series of questions, and it takes those answers to compile a rating for you. It can also customize your rating by giving it tags that further justify the rating to other users. Even still, it will then give you the links to the ratings images online, so you can post them on your website.

That's all there is to it. The link to download the program is right below.

Download the KSVRS Ratings Notepad

P.S. Please use honesty and integrity when rating your programs. We don't want people complaining that their child saw something obscene, or some 15 year old was disappointed by their baby game. Also, I (Jon Lambert) am not responsible for any damages, reputation, business, or otherwise, or any other negative effects that may come to you or anyone else by using, viewing, or otherwise interacting with the KSVRS.