JLamb Software

Currently starring Baby Ghost!


KSVRS Ratings Notepad

A small program that can be used to rate your computer programs, similar to the rating system used by the ESRB.


KSVRS Official Page

A page describing the KSVRS, its various ratings, and how to use it.

Baby Ghost

Learn more about my latest game in-progress, with screenshots and more!

July 16th, 2008

Haven't updated in a long time, but now I can, because I've begun a new project: Baby Ghost. It's the story of... well, I won't say yet. You can get more information from the official page on the bar on the left, including screenshots of the engine in work.

January 13th, 2008

Site goes up! Wow, I can't believe that I never knew this existed. How long has this been here? I wish I'd known this earlier. Anyway, this is now the official site of my software, now known as JLamb Software. And the first of my software is the KSVRS Ratings Notepad. You can download it , or view the page describing the system using the links in the bar on the left.