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I was part of the Formula SAE racing team at the University of Washington for two years. Formula SAE is an international competition where about 150 teams compete in a variety of dynamic (racing) and static (design) events. Both years I was on the team, we placed a very respectable 5th.

I designed several critical drivetrain components (including a custom Torsen differential assembly saving nearly three pounds from the previous design) that have withstood the abuses of racing. This was my first experience really designing parts for critical use, and these little cars go like crazy!

The two cars (2004 and 2005) that I worked on along with the 2005 team. Both use the Honda F4i block (a motorcycle engine) accelerate to 60mph in about 4 seconds and corner at over 1.5g
The Torsen differential assembly I designed and machined (also above, a 3D render).
Exaggerated displacement of the housing under full acceleration load case.
2005 car with 5th place trophy.