Jon G 

Some key things. To the right is a picture of me. Above is my name. I was in fact born in 1992. I live in the good state of PA.


Some of my heroes include Jesus Chris my savior, Brendon Small, Ronaldinho, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, guitar, soccer, and making videos.

 Sorry ladies I am taken by the way.

Some of my favorite music is Say Anything, Coheed and Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, Dethklok, and VCR.

Some of my favorite movies are Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Run fat boy Run, Little Miss Sunshine, Teeth, Pine Apple Express, Dawn of the Dead (Remake), Never Back Down, and 300.

The only things i really watch on TV are [Adult Swim], and Dexter. Don't get confused with Dexter's Lab, I watch the serial killer Dexter.

Um...I've been in the video making business for about 3-4 years right about now and I think that I have come a long way.

I started this whole thing a while back, and i got a few people to help with it MAINLY my friend Tom.

I am currently producing these movies very slowly since I do in fact live a very busy life. Its hard and it kinda sucks that when I do have time I make a Half-@ss'd movie.


I used to look up to smosh. I'm not sure what happened? Now I enjoy FRONK AND DEGO. Instead of watching crappy youtube videos that I know I could do better, I just watch real movies. Some movies that have influenced me would have to be the work of EDGAR WRIGHT. Shawn of the Dead/Hot Fuzz. AMAZING BRILLIANT HILARIOUS


I'm working on new things because I would like a SUPER COMEBACK. I really want to impress myself.


About me:
awe yah hey im Tom Narins but u can call me Crazyhorse. I am 16 years of age. Football and track is wat i do for my school.I dont bleed much but when i do its purple and white? i have a great sense of humor so get at me my cell is 259 9332 and my aol is breadboxman Photobucket 

PS:well its kind of a big deal but I a bit of a PIMP!?! <3

 a PIMP!?! < {}