Welcome to my little abode on the web in reverence of Tunnels & Trolls, specifically 5th edition or 5.5 edition (it's up to 7.5 now). What is Tunnels & Trolls (aka T&T or TnT)? According to Wikipedia...

"Tunnels & Trolls (abbreviated T&T) is a 1975 fantasy role-playing game designed by Ken St. Andre and published by Flying Buffalo. The second modern role-playing game ever published, it was developed to be a simpler alternative to Dungeons and Dragons suitable for solitaire and play-by-mail gameplay.
. . .
Tunnels & Trolls was also the first system to publish a series of fantasy-themed gamebooks - adventures which are designed to be played by one person, without the need for a referee. At least twenty such adventures were published by Flying Buffalo. The Fighting Fantasy series achieved great popularity using this format. Both T&T's simplicity and its reliance on use of six-sided dice (as compared to the various polyhedral dice used by Dungeons and Dragons) contributed to its success in this format."

My intent is to provide what information I can find on a number of the solos (Flying Buffalo, Inc. official ones and 3rd party published ones), an offsite link to purchase them, an offsite link to play them online legally if available, and my own personal review and roleplaying session reports. You may find that not every solo is listed on my site, or has all of this information. I don't have time to write them all at once, so I will get to them as I get to them. I believe I have all of the Flying Buffalo, Inc. solos now, so at least I can get to the official ones eventually. I also have a number of solos from Outlaw Press and Hobgoblin's Tavern that I would love to get around to reviewing.

In addition, I provide a list of houserules that I play with to make solos easier for the really tough ones, and also a set of houserules I play to expand the entertainment value of those solos. If you have a particular solo you would like me to review or roleplay session report sooner (or that is not listed), let me know and I will try do so. I'll even buy it if it sounds good!

I've written two T&T solos, Barony of Sanris and Dark Side of the Desert, which are both available for free in PDFs via the menubar links to the left. I hope you enjoy them!

Nov 22nd, 2009
I have a third mini-solo (25 paragraphs) in the works, Murders in the Midst of Annelsia, which is currently awaiting some public domain art to spice it up and some feedback revision. You can go ahead and download it now though in PDF over at the Trollbridge thread here.

Dec 14, 2009
My latest solo No Rest for the Weary at War is available here and at Lulu for free in PDF. You can also order a print copy at cost ($5.88) from Lulu as well. Just follow the link on the sidebar!