Jong-Hee Hahn

Contact Details

Professor, School of Economics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Email: Tel: +82 2 2123 2466 Fax: +82 2 393 1158

Curriculum Vitae


  • Price Discrimination with Loss Averse Consumers, Economic Theory, forthcoming (with Jinwoo Kim, Sang-Hyun Kim and Jihong Lee)
  • Interfirm Bundled Discounts as a Collusive Device, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2016 (with  Sang-Hyun Kim)
  • R&D Investment, Planned Obsolescence, and Network Effects, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 2015 (with Jin-Hyuk Kim)
  • Mix-and-Match Compatibility in Asymmetric System Markets, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 2012 (with Sang-Hyun Kim)
  • Damaged Durable Goods, RAND Journal of Economics, 2006.
  • Functional Degradation and Asymmetric Network Effects, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2006 (with G. Csorba)
  • Network Competition and Interconnection with Heterogeneous Subscribers, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2004.
  • The Welfare Effect of Quality Degradation in the Presence of Network Externalities, Information Economics and Policy, 2004.
  • Nonlinear Pricing of Telecommunications with Call and Network Externalities, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2003. 
    <Korean Journals>
  • Economic Analysis on the Foreclosure Effect of Vertical Mergers, Korean Journal of Law and Economics(법경제학연구), 2017
  • Virtual-Reality Golf and Field Golf: Are They Substitutes or Complements?, Korean Journal of Economics(한국경제학보), 2016 (with Jun Jeong, Yun Jeong Choi)
  • Fixed Broadband and Wibro (Wireless Broadband): Are They Substitutes or Complements?, Korean Journal of Economics(한국경제학보), 2015 (with Jinsoo Bae, Yun Jeong Choi)
  • International Merger Policy Coordination in Complementary Goods Markets, Journal of Economic Development, 2015 (with Jung Hur)
  • The Competitive Effect of Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices on Processed Food Products in Korea, Journal of East and West Studies(동서연구), 2015 (with Jinook Jeong, Hyewon Kim)
  • Monopoly Quality Differentiation with Top-quality Dependent Fixed Costs, Korean Journal of Economics(한국경제학보), 2015
  • R&D Technology Choice in Durable Goods Monopoly, Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, 2013 (with Seongmin Kim)
  • An Empirical Analysis of Competitive Effects of the Homeplus-Homever Merger, Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, 2010 (with Kwang-Shik Shin and Jinook Jeong)
  • Product Quality in Durable Goods Monopoly, Korean Journal of Industrial Organization(산업조직연구), 2010
  • Compatibility and R&D Incentives in System Markets, Journal of Industrial Economics and Business(산업경제연구), 2009 (with Sang-Hyun Kim)
  • The Welfare Effect of Vertical Integration in System Markets, Korean Journal of Industrial Organization(산업조직연구), 2007 (with Yong Mi Kim)
  • Leasing versus selling: marketing strategy choice in durable goods oligopolies, Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, 2007 (with Sang-Hyun Kim)
  • Monopoly Pricing of Congestible Resources with Incomplete Information, Journal of Economic Research, 2007
Working Papers
  • Vertical Integration and Market Foreclosure: Empirical Evidence in the Korean Movie Industry (with Yun Jeong Choi, Hojung Kim)
  • On the Profitability of Interfirm Bundling in Oligopolies (with Sang-Hyun KIm)
  • Input Price Discrimination with Vertical Product Differentiation (with Chan Kim)