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On March 23, 1942, a charter was issued under the provisions of the Soil Conservation Districts' Law (Code of Iowa, Section 467A) at the request of interested local citizens. The Jones SWCD was established as a subdivision of the state government and charged with the restoration and conservation of the soil, water, and related natural resources of the county. The District's boundaries spanned 575 square miles (367,998 acres) and have not changed since its inception.

Since 1942, the SWCD has been given additional authorities. These authorities include:
  • The ability to form sub-districts for the purpose of carrying out watershed protection and flood prevention programs within the sub-district;
  • To establish and implement soil loss limit(s) for the District;
  • To advise, consult, and cooperate with affected landowners and other government agencies to maintain suitable projects for flood or soil erosion control;
  • To enter into Memorandums of Understanding with other federal, state, and local entities in order to accomplish the District's goals and objectives. The Jones SWCD has signed into active Memorandums of Understanding with the following agencies: USDA-NRCS and IDALS-DSC.

Significant Historical Dates:

  • May 8, 1942 USDA Soil Conservation Service
  • May 8, 1942 Iowa State University Cooperative Extension Service (formerly the Iowa Cooperative Extension Service)
  • Apr. 6, 1976 U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers
  • Dec.19, 1977 Jones County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee

In addition to its assigned duties, the Jones SWCD also sponsors, advises, and directs programs administered by other agencies that directly affect the operations and objectives of the district.

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