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The Iowa Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner Handbook is a good source for the roles and responsibilities of a commissioner. This handbook is at the Conservation Districts of Iowa web site. 
It is the policy of the Jones Soil and Water Conservation District to:    
  • Provide equal opportunity in the delivery of services
  • Provide equal opportunity in SWCD Board and Committee makeup
  • Provide equal opportunity in employment
  • Use NRCS Technical Guide as SWCD Technical Standards
  • Administer any public cost-share funds made available to the Jones SWCD to assist District cooperators to construct needed practices
  • Provide technical assistance as available and only when NRCS Technical Guide Standards will be met
  • Provide resource inventory and evaluation data to units of government that have resource planning responsibilities in Jones County
  • Coordinate with all soil, water, and related resource agencies in Jones County to ensure maximum efficiency of conservation programs
  • Provide information to all forms of news media to ensure that local citizens are kept well informed and up-to-date on new conservation programs and provisions, concepts, and accomplishments
  • Require that all contractors submit certified contractor checkout notes to the SWCD office for all cost-shared practices before projects will be certified for payments