izard's WatchTower
Tower Defense

Game Maker 

 A strategic blend between Tower Defense and Shoot em' Up, Defend your base while seeking a destroying enemy spawners. Keep up a formidable defense with Fire Traps and Sniper Covered perimeters. Keep a close eye on sneaky enemy archers and lay waste to massive enemy hordes.

This project is an Alpha, Content and Features Subject to change.

How To Play
Start a New Game on either Game Mode (Levels or Eternal)
Use WASD Keys to move your player, Left Click to use selected Spell
To Place your First Towers, Move into your Base Tower with the Space Key and Select a Tower Spell From the Left of the HUD
To Exit and Defeat enemies or Spawners, Press Space, Then Select the Projectile Spell From the Right of the HUD
The Spells below the HP Bars can be used in the Base Tower or On Foot


Visual Studio 
Direct X 9

As a Double Project between Computer Graphics and AI programming, The Evolved Sumaucers is Born. Using Decision Trees and Bayenesian Learning techniques, The AI ships are ably to learn which Asteroids to avoid. 

Using various calculations, The Bots manage to determine their clock-wise or CC direction and proceed to circle the player flawlessly.

Bayenesian Learning
Finite/Fuzzy State Machines
Particle Emitters

The demo is needs repair. Want us to rush the development, Shoot us an Email at:



Arena Shooter

Game Maker 8

Currently a prototype, it is a top down shooter, like Geometry Wars, except the idea is to survive and also not get Knocked off the arena.

Simple physics and mechanics allow an exciting Mini-Game good for tons of Play. Utilizing FPS controls on a Keyboard, Anyone can Pick it up and Play


Gimp 2

Classic Felt RPG loaded down with features from Final Fantasy to Golden Sun. Through the Hand-Drawn, Distressed Art of tormented sould, experience the Power of ones own passion and journey.

Count-Time Battles (Final Fantasy X Style)
Weapon Upgrades and Customization
Party Manager
Huge Open World
100's of Items, Enemies, and Secrets!

The demo is in need of repair

Want us to rush the development, Shoot us an Email!

First Person Shooter

Unreal Engine
Unreal Kismet
Autodesk 3DS Max

Powered by the Unreal Engine, this single level is a test of various features and meshes available. 

The Prototype is no longer available...

No Demo Available, Sadly.  :(