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            There are numerous software programs available for ASD students that focus on a variety of skill areas such as: language skills; problem solving skills; fine motor skills; academic skills; and leisure time activities. Please note the attached Software Suggestions for programs that have been used effectively for children with autism to address various skill areas. Since autism is a spectrum disorder, the effectiveness and appropriateness of each program will be child specific.




Software for Auditory comprehension and language concept activities

Ÿ  Bing & Biing (Millie's Math House/Edmark)

Recreate-the-sound-pattern game, but you can replace the sound effects with recordings of words.

Ÿ  Edmo & Houdini (Bailey's Book House/Edmark)

Animation of common prepositions; student can initiate action or respond to verbal prompt.

Ÿ Picture It, Pix Writer and Picture This (Mayer-Johnson)

      These programs allow for the presentation of real photos, without risking ambiguous

      background clutter, which can be a part of personal photographs. These programs contain

      over 2,700 photos from numerous categories which are ideal for: Creating schedules;

      Augmentative communication systems; Games; Reading activities; Sequence activities for

      following directions; and Various academic activities.



Software for Classification and abstraction activities

Ÿ  Feathered Friends (Thinkin' Things Collection I/Edmark)

Build birds based on detecting missing parts and similarity in features.

Ÿ  Find It (Junior Field Trip Series/Humongous Entertainment)

Included as an activity in each of the 3 CD's in the series (The Farm, The Jungle, The Airport). Child is shown a picture of an object somewhere in the farm/jungle/airport and asked to locate it. At the easiest level children are shown the scene in which the object appears; at the hardest level they must think about where such an object might be given what they know about the environment they have explored.

Ÿ  Hide and Seek (JumpStart Preschool/Knowledge Adventure)

Animated fish hides behind 2 to 4 objects in a fish bowl, auditory clues given to whereabouts.

Software for Event sequencing and time concept activities


Ÿ  Fruit Shop (James Discovers Math/Broderbund)

Simple auditory direction, followed by visual cue to fill a grocery order (numbers, food).

Ÿ  Make-a-Movie (Sammy's Science House/Edmark)

Arrange stills into correct sequence and play the movie; this is like having a three or four card sequencing task animated.

Ÿ  Photo album (Madeline European Adventures/Creative Wonders)

Arrange photo stills into a sequence (NB: for Windows only).

Treasure Hunt (My First Amazing World Explorer/DK Multimedia)

Choosing a 3-5 step "program" of directions navigates pirate ship to treasure (maps).


Software for Emotion and/or face activities

Ÿ  The Airport & The Farm(Junior Field Trips/Humongous Entertainment)

Excellent fact-based exploration of two environments young children may need to visit with family or school. Previous exposure to concepts and active exploration may help in desensitization prior to actual trip.

Ÿ  Face Treehouse (Elmo's Preschool/CTW Sesame Street )

Create faces that match Elmo's feelings (NB: for Windows only).

Ÿ  Mixed Emotions (Grammar Rock/Creative Wonders)

Memory game in which you match interjections to appropriate facial expressions or body postures (for older children).


Information taken from  "A Review of Kids Software for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder" by Jill Fain Lehman .



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