The Arab rulers who helped the Non Muslims to take over Jerusalem and make a Jewish homeland

The Holy city of Jerusalem was captured by Non Muslims(The British) in Dec 11,1917 after 730 years of Muslim Rule.

The Holy Land of Jerusalem and the Holy Mosque of Al-Quds in Jerusalem are one of the most sacred places in Islam

Brief History of Muslim Rule in Jerusalem

Let us study the History of Muslim rule in Jerusalem

  1. In 637 Second Cliph Sayyidna Omar conquered Jerusalem
  2. It remained under Muslim rule till 1099 whenChristians took over Jerusalem in 1099
  3. Jerusalem was conquered again by Musilms under the leadership of Kurd Warrior King Saladin (Sallahudin Ayubi).
  4. After 730 years, in Dec 11,1917,the British snatched Jerusalem from the Muslims with the help of Arab Muslims themselves.

The Non Muslims could never take over Jerusalem unless helped by the Arabs

This conquest of Jerusalem by the British was done with the help  of the following Arab armies of

            1.       Arab Army of Emirate of Nejd and Hasa (under Abul Aziz Ibn Saud)

            2.       Arab Army of  Kingdom of Hejaz   (under Hussain Ibn Ali,Shareef-e-Makkah)

            3.       Arab Army of  Kingdom of Hejaz  (under Faisal Ibn Hussain ibn Ali).

            4.       Arab Army of   Emirate of Jabal Shammar.

Along with British Armies of

            1.       Edmund Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby (1861-1936)

            2.        T. E. Lawrence  (Lawrence of Arabia)


Arab soldiers shooting at Jeruslaem
Fig-1 : Soldiers of Arab Army shooting at Jerusalem to help the British

Following are the Arab leaders who fought side by side of the British Army to conquer Jerusalem

 Arab Revolt Hussein bin Ali

 Arab RevoltFaisal (son of Hussain bin Ali & founder of Jordon & present day Iraq)

  Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud (Founder of Saudi Arabia)
 Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il.svg Abdul-Aziz bin Mitab

And these Arab leaders were ruling the following states.(by the British support)

Kingdom of Hejaz      lead by  Hussein bin Ali  and his son  Faisal  . The Hedjaz region of western Arabia became an independent state under Hussein's control, until 1925, when, abandoned and isolated by the British policy–which had shifted support to the al Saud family–it was conquered by Saudi Arabia. 

Emirate of Nejd and Hasa   lead by Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud .

 Emirate of Jabal  
 lead by Abdul-Aziz bin Mitab .In 1921 ,  Emirate of Jabal  was conquered & included in the Saudi Arabia by   Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud   with the help of the British.

 All the above states were created by the British themelves by breaking them up from the Ottomon Empire.

The rest of the story is described in the photos below.

Fig-2 : General Edmund Allenby 

Fig-3 : British General Sir Allenby entering Jerusalem in Dec 11,1917.

Fig-4 :Traitor Faisal with British General Sir Allenby

Fig-5 :King Abdul Aziz with British Agent Sir Percy Cox in 1930 where he agreed to make 
Jewish Homeland in Plaestine.

Fig-6 : British Soldiers on the gate of AL-QUDS in Dec 11,1917

Fig-7 : Traitor Faisal with British Commander T.E Lawrence(Lawrence of Arabia)

Fig-8 : Abdul Aziz bin Saud with British Agents in Basra 1930.

Fig-9 : Abdul Aziz's written statement of the agreement to make a Jewish Homeland in Paletine.
This agreement took place in a secret meeting with the meeting of British Agent Sir Percy Cox.The agreement
states:   "I am the Sultan Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud al-Faisal and I acknowledge and admit to Sir Percy Cox, delegate of Great Britain, that I have no objection to giving Palestine to the Jews or other poor."

Fig-10  : Traitor Saud with Sir Percy Cox after the agreement for the Jewish homeland in Palestine

Fig-11 : Traitor Abdul Aziz ibn Saud & Faisal having a party with the British on British Ship 1930.

Note in the above fig 5, the person named Ezra Belboul is a well-known Zionist Agent and considered as a National Hero in the state of Israel.

Fig-12 : Traitor Hussain ibn Ali's photo on Jordanian currency.
Fig-13 :An Indian Muslim  traitor from British Army searching Scholars
 of Al-Quds Mosque.There was a large number of Indian Muslims in the British Army

Fig-14 : King Fahad bin Abdul Aziz wearing cross at the Birthday 
of Queen Elizabeth

Today the son of Traitor Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud is the ruler of Saudia i.e Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz and the family of Faisal are ruling Jordon.