Serenity Icons

New Icon Sets for OS X 

Fruity Oaty Bar

 Another new icon, this time the Fruity Oaty Bar!  Also included in original icon set now.

Little Damn Heroes Icons

This is my newest icon set, based on the Little Damn Heroes graphics available at  Used with permission. Now includes Simon (Am I Making You Nervous?).  Apologies for somehow missing this one before.

Firefly Icons

These icons are based on the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity.  All characters and images are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions, along with FOX network (Firefly) and Universal Studios (Serenity).  Not used with permission.  Now includes Fruity Oaty Bar icon!


Also, I've created an icon set for iCal based on the Cortex in Serenity.  It shows the Operative on the screen when idle, but when iCal is open, the dock icon will switch to static on the screen with the date close to the middle of the screen.  Instructions are contained within the download.