I am an Assistant Professor of Watershed Engineering in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering and affiliated with the Global Change Center at Virginia Tech.

I am always seeking highly motivated and creative graduate students to join my research group. For more information, please see Opportunities.

Today’s integrated human and environmental systems means that the civilization engineer must not only create the infrastructure of society but also understand the ecosystems upon which society depends. I work to better understand Earth-surface processes with the hope that through this understanding we, as a society, can better manage our environment as good stewards of Earth, allowing ecosystems to flourish and our civilization to endure.

Toward this end, I perform fundamental, quantitative research on physical processes in rivers, their linkages to water quality, nutrients, vegetation, and biota, and their response to climate and human forcing at the water, food, and energy nexus. My work spans spatial scales from entire watersheds to specific reaches to local features (e.g., bend, bar, bedform) utilizing theory, modeling, and field measurements, ultimately to better inform river-basin management.

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