Jonathan Welburn


    Associate Operations Researcher, RAND Corporation

Previous Academic

Graduate Research Fellow, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin Madison (2010-Present)

Supervised by Professor Vicki M. Bier.

Research projects include: global economic risk with a focus on economic contagion & financial crises and the statistical analysis of risks of imported food into the United States.

Visiting Scholar, Department of Social Sciences, University of Stavanger, Norway  (June-September 2012)

Research supervised by Professor Kjell Hausken. 

Partnered in a research collaboration on the game-theoretic modeling of financial crises and contagion.

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin (2010)

Researched risks from imported foods under Professor Vicki M. Bier.

Previous Industry
    The RAND Corporation, 2013

Summer Associate

Led research on military supply chain risks from vendor financial distress.  Modeled defense contractor default probability.  Developed stochastic program to aid in policy directions of maximizing military readiness and minimizing disruption risk.     

    Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, 2007, 2008, 2009

Risk Analyst, Intern

Enterprise Risk Management, Summer 2009

Developed models to calculate asset failure probability and forecast future asset failures. Use of stochastic and deterministic modeling for risk assessment and mitigation. Led team of software engineers for mitigation project.

Risk Engineer, Intern

Enterprise Risk Management, Summer 2008

Assisted in risk assessment and mitigation projects. Led database risk mitigation project, continuation of summer 2007 project.

Risk Engineer, Intern

Crane Risk Reduction, Summer 2007

Development enterprise wide database application for the mitigation of risks associated with crane use.

Previous Teaching

    Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering


Engineering Economic Analysis course, ISyE 313,  Summer 2014

Led lecture, developed syllabus, homework, and exams.

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Engineering Economic Analysis course, ISyE 313, August 2010-December 2010

Created lessons plans and facilitate discussion sections. Hold office hours to assist students.  Develop and grade exam questions.

Academic Coach/ Tutor

Center for Educational Opportunity (CEO), Academic Coach, November 2009-May 2010

Tutor / Academic Coach for courses in Industrial Engineering and Economics for UW CeO Program


Engineering Summer Program (ESP), Summer 2006

Residential Counselor for the Engineering Summer Program. Led teaching and discussion sections. Mentor students.



Membership held in the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), Institute for Operations Research (INFORMS), Institute for Industrial Engineering (IIE), and Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)r

Wisconsin Society for Mathematical Finance.

 Chairman and Founder. 2011-2015 at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison.

Federal Reserve Challenge, national competition, presentation of monetary policy to Federal Reserve.

Graduate Student Advisor 2010, Chairman 2009-2010, Vice Chairman for International Econ 2009 at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

National Society of Black Engineers / Wisconsin Black Engineers Student Society

Chapter President 2007-08, First Vice President, 2006-07; Membership Chair, 2005-06. at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison