Welcome to LogicCrazy.  This site focus' on providing understandable and enjoyable tutorials on medium to difficult logic problems.  This site is an extension of
my YouTube channel which provides step-by-step instructions for programming and other such logic challenges.
About myself
    My name is Jonathan Warkentin and I have always enjoyed a good logic problem from Rubik's Cubes to programming.  As far as programming goes, I began at a very young age experimenting with Logo.  After that, I got enthralled with 'programming' in MS Excel alongside Visual Basic.  From there I moved on to Game Maker and have just recently tried out Java.  (I have also dabled in HTML and CLite.
About Java
    I must say that Java, and this is strictly my opinion, is slower than C or C++.  However, I find that it is easier to use since I do not have to keep track of as many tasks 'behind the scenes'.  Java is also a very sought after skill which makes it more useful than Game Maker for instance when thinking about a career.
About LogicCrazy
    LogicCrazy is an attempt at providing detailed instructions for complex logic problems.  Currently, I will be providing video-tutorials on my YouTube channel as well as further reading, interesting facts, and alternate methods on this site.  My goal is to make the complex seem simple and the easy seem fun.