Jonathan Stieglitz
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of New Mexico

My research explores how ecological and social factors affect variability in behavior, psychology, and physiology in small-scale societies. To address research questions I use principles from behavioral ecology and life history theory, which attempt to explain modern human variation as an adaptive response to trade-offs between investments in competing demands.

I collaborate on the Tsimane Health and Life History Project ( The project aims to study growth, senescence, demography, economics and health under conditions representative of human evolutionary history.


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  • Stieglitz, J., Jaeggi, A., Blackwell, A., Trumble, B., Gurven, M., and Kaplan, H. (Forthcoming). Work to live and live to work: Productivity, transfers, and psychological well-being in adulthood and old age. In: Weinstein, M., and Lane, M. (eds.). Advances in bio-demography: cross-species comparisons of social environments and social behaviors, and their effects on health and longevity. National Academy Press.
  • von Rueden, C., Gurven, M., Kaplan, H., and Stieglitz, J. (Forthcoming). An anatomy of leadership in an egalitarian society. Human Nature.