Jonathan Stieglitz

Assistant Professor
Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse


My research aims to understand how ecological and social factors interact to influence human health. Specifically, my research addresses three questions: 1) Why do families form and function the way they do? 2) How does variability in family functioning affect health and well-being of household members? and 3) Why and how do social relationships (family and other) interact with local ecology to influence health over the life course? To address these questions I use principles from behavioral ecology and life history theory, which attempt to explain modern human variation as an adaptive response to trade-offs between investments in competing demands.

I received my PhD in Anthropology (Human Evolutionary Ecology) from the University of New Mexico. Since 2004 I have conducted integrated bio-behavioral research as part of the Tsimane Health and Life History Project