Accident-September 20, 2007

Ann-Elizabeth and I were in a car accident. She broke both her Tibia and Fibula in what is called a Pilon Fracture.

Our '98 Subaru Forester with 149K miles gave its life for us:

Here's AE just before her 5 hour surgery (yes, morphine is a good thing)

And here's AE's ankle after the surgery:

That's 15 screws and Two plates! Here's the side view:

Here are some photos of AE's foot just before her stitches were removed on 10/12/07:

Mid-November, the pain started getting worse, and an infection developed at several of the incision sites:

A surgery was performed to clean out an culture the infection on 11/28/2007.
The infection turned out to be MRSA. A Wound VAC was installed at the open wound site where the infection was removed in an attempt to heal the wound over the exposed metal plate and screws:

 After 3 weeks, it was determined that the wound wasn't healing at a reasonable pace. So, AE had a 3rd surgery on 12/18/2007 to remove the plate that was inhibiting the healing of the wound. The Wound VAC is promoting healing much more rapidly now, thank goodness. Here's a photo of the wound site on 12/23/2007, notice the screw holes in the visible bone:

 And here's the shrinking wound on 12/28/2007:


And 12/31/2007:

And 01/03/2008:



And 01/09/2008:






  And 01/28/2008:

Wound VAC gone for 2 weeks now, 02/11/2008: