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"If dogs could talk it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one."  Andy Rooney

Dogwalking:  I ONLY do single dogwalks...if you own two dogs, the second dog will be half price, if walked together.

30 min: $25
45 min: $30
60 min: $35

Animal Healing:  I use a Sound Healing Method called Chakra Toning.  It is the use of the voice that provides many benefits.  Although known for healing anxiety and trauma, it also increases health and vitality.   $100      There is also an option for teaching pet owners how to do chakra toning, for themselves as well as their pets.

Cat Visits:  Feeding, playtime, and cleaning the litter box are included.  $25

Pet Sitting:  For dogs, the fee is $35 per night plus walks.  A 20% discount is applied for more than three full days.  For cats, the fee is $50 per night, with a 20% discount applied after three full days.
Feeding and litter box cleaning are included.

Terms and Conditions:  Walks before 10am, after 6pm, weekends, and most holidays, are an additional $5.  On New Years Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, my fee is twice my normal rate.

Same day cancellations are subject to full fee.