Supporting Links

Links to Relevent Websites and Those Mentioned in Bibliography. 

Pertinent Websites and Files for Understanding EFL in the Peace Corps.

Motivation Statement Submitted to the Peace Corps April 2007  My statement of intent for pursuing EFL work in the Peace Corps.

 Peace Corps EFL Handbook This manual outlines the basic components of EFL "skill teaching," emphasizing methods in reading, writing, speaking and listening for teachers who may be unfamiliar with the EFL context.

Peace Corps Wiki. This website maintained by former Peace Corps volunteers has information on every existing program in every country. Under the country headings a lot of EFL information is provided. 

Websites and PDF Files Relating to Acculturation. 

Floyd Rudmin's seminal essay on acculturation, Debate in Science: The Case of Acculturation. 

The Negotiation Of Teachers Sociocultural Identities and Practices in Post-Secondary EFL Classrooms.  A very informative essay-even case study-on the use of acculturative skills in the EFL classroom.

Pertinent Websites on EFL.

SFSU's TESOL Department's Website. As a forerunner in the academic discipline of TESOL, SFSU's website provides a good model for most graduate-level TESOL programs.

Dave's ESL Cafe'. Considered to be the internet hub of ESL employment, methods and materials. 

CATESOL Resource Website. I attended the last CATESOL (California TESOL) conference in early November and later used this website to recall certain resources mentioned.