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Welkom, Welcome, Karibu, Odini!

This is a report on my 3,5 months in Africa, a combined trip for study and vacation. When I completed the trip, I published this report on my website, which at some point in time went offline. When I was doing my spring cleaning in 2009 I found it on a hard drive. Thanks to Google I've put it all online again. Enjoy! Please make comments and leave links to your own travels! I've split the journal into four parts, you'll find a link to the next part at the bottom of the page:

First impressions

Holiday season

Work and play


Hope you enjoyed the site! So now after a good flight I used the free internet in the smoking lounge at Joburg airport while waiting for my flight to leave in the evening. Arriving back in Holland was good, weather was somewhat cloudy and COLD!  So this finalizes my report of the Africa "adventure".

After arriving in Holland I was shocked by the cold, but sunny weather. And the fact that I had three days to write a report and get my grades ready to submit for graduation. Needing to get grades from my supervisor in Leiden proved difficult (he was in Africa at the time), so thanks to the secretary I graduated on March 28, 2003 in the Academiegebouw in Leiden.

In 2003 I enjoyed my freedom, coached rowing (and went to Taiwan with the team).

In 2004 I went to Charleston, West Virginia, where I did research in cardiology. I came back to the Netherlands and started a combined residency/research program in cardiology.

2005 I spent in Rotterdam, at the Thoraxcenter of the Erasmus University Medical center, where I did an attempt at starting up research projects. As of february 2006 I start my 2-year clinical training in Internal Medicine at the St Franciscus Hospital (Rotterdam). During this period I discovered the amazing world of backpacking, and traveled to many other interesting places. In 2008 I returned to the Thoraxcenter for research until April 2010, when will complete the next 3,5 years of my clinical training in Cardiology. If you really want to know more about my work, you can look me up on Linkedin. Otherwise, you can find further pictures on Picasa.

Hope you enjoyed the stories, and don't feel offended, I added a bit of spice here and there to make it interesting: you can leave your comments!

Sorry, de site is in het Engels in verband met familieleden, die helaas in het minst goed bestuurde land ter wereld leven en zodoende zich niet deze prachtige spraakwijze eigen hebben kunnen maken. Excuus, maar tracht er toch van te genieten!

Jonathan Lipton, March 2003 (updated April 2009)

View my Picasa album for the pictures!

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