2012-            School of Earth Science, Melbourne University  

CRN Research Fellow – "Late Holocene archives of climate change in Australasia".

2009-2012     Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford University  

NERC Postdoctoral Fellow – “Calibrating isotope fractionation by biogenic silica”.

2008-2009     Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of                             Tokyo, Japan. 

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow – “Late-glacial stable isotope      stratigraphy of Lake Suigetsu, Japan”. With Yusuke Yokoyama,   Naohiko Ohkouchi and Takeshi Nakagawa.

2007             ENSIS, Environmental Change Research Centre, University                            College London, U.K.

                    Research technician, environmental consultancy.

Department of Biological and Chemical Science, Queen Mary                        and Westfield, University of London

                    Postdoctoral research assistant – Calcification of Emiliania                            huxleyi, with Brenda Thake.

2007             Archaeoscape, Royal Holloway, University of London,                                    U.K.                                

                    Research technician

2003-2006      Environmental Change Research Centre,                                     University College London, U.K.

PhD “Oxygen isotope geochemistry of contemporary waters and biogenic silica.” Supervisors: Viv Jones, Melanie Leng and Rick Battarbee.

2005             Former Botanical Institute, Bergen University, Norway.            

                    Marie Curie Fellow, training in numerical analysis                                          with John Birks

2002-2003      Centre for Quaternary Research, Royal Holloway, University of                     London and Environmental Change Research Centre,                                     University College London, U.K.

MSc in Quaternary Science

1998-2001      Department of Geography, Leeds University, UK

BSc Hons. Geography

1999-2000      Adelaide University, Department of Geography and                                        Environmental Studies

Visiting undergraduate