Among a small group of people the Integrator's exploits are still legendary.  He protected Covenant College from all manners of heresy, absurdity, and evil villains from 1998-2000.  After that he was kidnapped by Dutch Canadians and frozen beneath the arctic tundra.  Perhaps someday he will be resurrected...


Official Superhero of the Covenant College Philosophy Club

 The adventures of the Integrator! Hopefully I will be able to add more as time goes on. (if any images are too small to read just click on them for a larger version)

  •  The Integrator foils a terrorist plot to blow up the Ashe Center -(unfortunately this cartoon is missing.  If anyone still has a copy of this cartoon please let me know.)



  • The Love Experiment -The Integrator pushes the envelope of science to help a disgruntled Tucke Shoppe employee.  (12/15/99)


  • The Integrator Returns!


  • The Economic Secret Service -"The Big Man" is capturing minorities and studying them in a secret lab in Mills! (2/11/00)


  • Battle with the Postmodern Barbarian -The Integrator challenges the faculty superheros of the philosophy department. (12/10/99)



  • An Assassination Attempt -Can reconciling Theonomy and the Contract save the Integrator's life? (3/24/00)


  • The Last Integrator -The biggest wedding Covenant College ever had! (5/1/00)


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