UPCOMING RELEASE Delta Ex [Antler Vol 2] 

LATEST RELEASE  A History of Freefall [Antler Vol 1] (High Horse, 2015) 


Verse (Cuneiform Records, 2014)

Unsung Stories from Lilly's Days as a Solar Astronaut (MT6 Records, 2010)

Summer Electra (High Horse, 2010)

Taps (High Horse, 2007)

Metasonic (High Horse, 2006)



Jonathan Badger is a guitarist, composer and video artist.  He studied composition with Stephen Jaffe, Scott Lindroth and John Harbison at Duke University Graduate School of Music; he also studied in Guitar Craft, a tradition founded and guided by Robert Fripp. JB's work ranges from postrock sludge to neobaroque chamber music.  In live performance his compositions and improvisations show themselves in electronic garb, all the while maintaining the character of solo guitar.  Often his performances include the use of a distinctly musicalized video projection system.  JB is also one half of the electropop duo Lake Mallory, based in Baltimore, Maryland, and he produces and performs in the electro-acoustic project Antler

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"'Verse' is a very idiosyncratic, very beautiful, and intimidatingly rigorous piece of sonic art." Oliver Arditi

"The sheer volume of ideas and instruments explored here defy categorization.  The ease with which these elements land gives the whole record an air of gentle peregrination rather than manic morning commute. Put simply, Badger isn’t trying too hard to be clever or experimental – Verse progresses at a natural tempo, which suggests that the creative process was driven by curiosity rather than willful obscurity. The freedom to work in such a manner is an enviable one; to be able to call upon such a wide variety of sounds, both from your own hands and from others, is as invigorating as it sounds.Verse is an excursion worth your attention."  Wesley Freeman-Smith, A Closer Listen

"Badger’s astonishing approach to the guitar is so unlike anyone else's that he might almost as well be playing an entirely different instrument.  On his stunning third studio album (and first for Cuneiform), Verse, Badger proves that if you want to make the kind of music no one's ever heard before, you've got to invent your own world from the ground up.  Nourished by Baltimore’s vibrant experimental music scene, Badger has created an artistic universe that is technologically unprecedented, radically multidisciplinary, conceptually fascinating, and musically captivating."  Tribe

“adventurous music that is also quite melodic and beautiful.”  Henry Schneider, Exposé

"This melancholic, mosaic record—the second from Baltimore-based aural alchemist Jonathan Badger . . . shuffles nimbly between extremes of darkness and light the way an Olympic figure skater transitions from twirls and spins to Lutzes and axles, a suite of fluid, involving instrumentals that draws from disparate genres to arrive at a sort of post-ambient survey course." Raymond Cummings, Baltimore City Paper

"One of the draws of 'Unsung Stories' [is] the way Badger manages to maintain the structural familiarity of ... rock, while crashing it at speed into the forward-thinking subversion of a compositional approach unfettered by convention.  Throughout the disc, Badger uses that subversion to unseat the comfort we take in a melody by twisting and roughening it. It makes us stop listening passively and start looking actively at what’s being done so that we can try to understand." John Shanahan, Hypnagogue