Alnico 4x12 Marshall 1960a style Cab

I recently finished a 4x12 cabinet for my guitar amps.  It's based dimensionally on a Marshall 1960a style cab (slant front).  The grill cloth is bamboo, from a Roman blind ($19, enough for 3 or so cabinets), and the covering is synthetic suede leather ($2.99/yard), both Walmart specials.  The fake leather is surprisingly tough and resistant to scratches.  It's rather susceptible to drywall dust hand prints though. =) 

No handles, but then my sofa doesn't have handles either, and I'll probably have to move that around more than this cab.


More pictures can be found here:

 At the moment, it's loaded with a rather hodge-podge of speakers, mostly from old organ cabinets:  1 Weber alnico 1230, 1 1959 Jensen alnico P12Q, and 2 1962 alnico Rola speakers.

The Rola speakers are rather bright, and lack some bottom end.  I have each wired in parallel with the 1230a and P12Q, and those in turn are wired in series.  The Rola's are loaded on top, with the Weber and the Jensen on the bottom.  The Weber is louder than the others and has more bass.  Putting it on the bottom really lets it fill the room.


The following were recorded with either my October amp (6V6 JTM45/Plexi) or my HO amp (single ended EL84 high gain).  They were close mic'ed with an SM57, and a condenser mic to get a little of the room vibe.  Most also were played through a Weber MiniMass attentuator.

Semi Clean HB - Les Paul through my October

Semi Clean SC - Homemade single coil tele style guitar through my October.  The NFB was also dialed out. (I call it my Bassman mod)

Clean - Same as above

Dirty 1 HB -  Les Paul through my October

Dirty 2 HB - Les Paul through my October

Hi Gain - Les Paul through my HO