I am a behavioral economist working as an assistant professor at the economics department of Maastricht University. I study peoples' decisions using laboratory and field experiments. My research focuses on individual decision making, especially decisions under risk, social preferences and libertarian paternalism.

Decisions under risk in a social and individual context: The limits of social preferences?, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 2015, with Joep Sonnemans

Strategies and evolution in the minority game: A multi-round strategy experiment, Games and Economic Behavior, 2014, with Jan Tuinstra and Joep Sonnemans

Social comparison and risky choicesJournal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2012, with Joep Sonnemans

Papers accepted for publication
Tuition Fees as a Commitment Device, The Economic Journal, with Nadine Ketel, Hessel Oosterbeek and Bas van der Klaauw

Do politicians take risks like the rest of us? Anexperimental test of prospect theory under MPs, Political Psychology, with Barbara Vis

Working papers

Information and Learning in the Minority Game: A Strategy Experiment, with
Daniel Gietl, Joep Sonnemans, and Jan Tuinstra

The uncertainty of welfare retrenchment’s electoral consequences, with Barbara Vis

Beating around the Bliss‐point, with Duco Ferro and Gijs Schumacher

Dutch language publications

Reactie op: Economen in het laboratorium (in Dutch), Economisch Statistische Berichten, 2010, with Adrian de Groot Ruiz and Thomas de Haan