I am a behavioral economist working as an assistant professor in the department of Microeconomics and Public Economics of Maastricht University. I study peoples' decisions using laboratory and field experiments. My research focuses on individual decision making, especially decisions under risk, social preferences and libertarian paternalism.


Expected Utility and Political Decision Making, Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making, Oxford University Press, 2020

‘Good Nudge Lullaby’: Choice Architecture and Default Bias Reinforcement, The Economic Journal, 2018, with Thomas de Haan

Do politicians take risks like the rest of us? An experimental test of prospect theory under MPs, Political Psychology, 2017, with Barbara Vis

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Ongoing projects

Information and Learning in the Minority Game: A Strategy Experiment, with Daniel Gietl, Joep Sonnemans, & Jan Tuinstra

Anchoring in Bargaining, with Thomas de Haan

Risk and ambiguity preferences under pressure, with Fan Rao & Arno Riedl

Understanding and improving pension savings by combining incentivized experiments, surveys, and administrative big data – A general employed population sample with a focus on the selfemployed, Netspar Theme Project with Seun Adekunle, Paul Bokern, Michel Dumontier, Hans Schmeets, Arno Riedl, & Peter Werner

Stacking of Choices, Netspar Topicality Project, with Ingrid Rohde

The Relative Impact of Wealth and Income Inequality on Social and Political Trust: A Global Analysis, with Wahideh Achbari, Brian Burgoon, & Bertjan Doosje

Social preferences, aspiration levels, and risk, with Hyemi Jin & Matthias Wibral

Dutch language publications

Voorstel keuzearchitectuur pensioensparen voor zelfstandigen, Netspar Design Paper 132, 2019

Spaargedrag zelfstandigen kan worden gestimuleerd via keuzearchitectuur, Economisch Statistische Berichten 104(4777), 2019

Maken politici dezelfde keuzes onder situaties van onzekerheid als wij?, Stuk rood vlees, 2016

Samen onzeker: tussen risico- en sociale voorkeuren, TPE Digitaal, 2010

Reactie op: Economen in het laboratorium, Economisch Statistische Berichten, 2010, with Adrian de Groot Ruiz and Thomas de Haan