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Here's what people have to say about Jomar and his events:

Joining Jomar’s event bolstered my belief and gave me

 the necessary ground work for starting an online career.

Marvin Macatol

Social Media Hub Project Manager

From Jomar’s event, I learned how to market myself as a aVA. 

Thanks to Jomar, I realised that I didn’t have to be stuck with a thankless job.

Diane dela Cruz

Transcriber and Freelance Writer

A few years before, I never imagined that I will be working from home. 

But after attending Jomar’s event, my perspective changed.

Conz Zabala

General VA

Honestly, without Jomar-who implanted the thought of working from home -

 I will never have a goal of achieving it. 

Cecille A.

Web Designer and Illustrator

Without a mentor, I did everything wrong. After attending Jomar’s event,

 I learned the things that I should and shouldn’t do which I plan to apply this year.

Noemi Mora

Freelance Writer

I took Sir Jomar’s advice, spruced up my portfolio and got 

my first ever writing project 

after just less than 24 hours of applying.

Lianne Marha Laroya

Web Content Producer Specialist

The best thing about Jomar’s event is the 

sharing of real VA and online marketer.

Loree Balizon

The best thing about Jomar’s event are the 

mindset, attitude, how tos-step by step

John Ronald M. Quizon


Plenty of information presented. 

Jomar has high energy level.

Maria Leslie Papa

Great information to be introduced to a whole new world of opportunities. 

Jomar’s event is great- VA techniques mixed with fun stories.

Kristine Borja

The best thing about the event is the assignment given

 because I can benefit & learn a lot. 

It’s a practical application of what Jomar taught.

Jeanilyn A. Alonzo

The best thing about the event is knowing the 

DISC of my behaviour- Learning and teaching me how to start becoming a VA. 

I enjoyed interaction with people attending the seminar. 

Jomar is a jolly speaker.

Angeli Luz V. Robles

Jomar’s event is a wonderful opportunity for Filipinos to upgrade,

 have breakthrough and financial freedom.

Rowena R. De Chavez

The best thing about the event is, it convinced me 

to pursue work from home.

Joanne Vergara

I learned a lot from Jomar Hilario’s event especially the apps that can be used 

to increase my productivity and more strategies to be used as a Virtual Assistant.

Helen Grace Avinado