Student Writing

There are two ways for student writers to get involved with JOLT. The first is through JOLT Digest, an online blog that covers current topics in law and technology and is solely written by HLS students. JOLT Digest publishes both short pieces by students and longer student notes. The other way is to write a student note for JOLT's print publication.
JOLT Digest (online):

Digest offers many ways to write early in your legal career. Starting as a 1L, students can sign up to write and edit on Digest as frequently or as little as they wish throughout the semester by filling out an email survey. There are many different types of content, which you can check out on the JOLT Digest page of this Wiki.

Moreover, students are invited to submit proposals for writing Digest Comments. Comments are 2000-3000 word long academic/opinion pieces on any topic related to law and technology that are published at the end of each semester and the summer. In the past, there have been Comments about legal trends, the development of particular doctrines, new laws, or particular cases. For example, we have published Comments on the copyright issues surrounding broadcasts of Starcraft tournaments, the right to privacy over media consumption data, employer keylogging, and moral rights in the film industry. There are many reasons to write a Digest Comment. First, the opportunity is open to anyone, including 1Ls. Second, you can fulfill half of your JD writing requirement with a Comment. Third, little Bluebooking is required, as most sources can and should be hyperlinked. All in all, a Comment is a great opportunity to explore a topic of interest in greater depth and share your findings with others. Digest will send out Comment applications at the beginning of each semester. If you have more questions about Comments, contact, the current Digest Submissions Editor.

More information about JOLT Digest.

JOLT Student Notes (print journal):
Student writing in the journal includes Student Notes and are typically 4000–6000 words, not counting footnotes. Samples are available on

A Student Note typically examines a current issue in law and technology. They often discuss new cases or legislation or otherwise exhibit particular novelty, while demonstrating awareness of the latest scholarship and building from a knowledgeable foundation that offers grounded, reliable information for readers.

Thinking of applying to become a JOLT student author? Please see the application below, due May 23, 2014. 

Notes are 4000-6000 words (not including footnotes).
Topic should be technology-related.
Alums can publish for up until a year after they graduate (one volume).
Prior JOLT participation is NOT required.
The best Fall note will receive a $250 prize. 
See the application for more details.

Other writing opportunities:

There are a number of outside competitions and opportunities for student writing. One source is the New York Law School Law Review's online database:

If you know of others, please email ehendrickson@jd15 and we'll post them here.
Eric Hendrickson,
Apr 9, 2014, 5:40 AM