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Our next cruise is slated for January 12 - 19, 2019. Check the links on the left of the page for the latest information.

CLICK HERE for some highlights from our last JOLLY Cruise.

Our instructors for this cruise (in alphabetical order)

Sheila Bonomo is a line dance instructor from Clearwater, Florida who also served for two years as vice president of On Top of the World Line Dancing. She loves to teach Latin dances.

Dolly Foland has been a line dance instructor for many years in Minnesota and Florida. She recently choreographed her first line dance called Would You Like to Dance Again. She teaches dances from choreographers around the world.

John Koning is a musically trained line dance choreographer and instructor who teaches in Canada and the US. He choreographs dances in a variety of tastes and genres. You can find his dances at www.johnkoning.com, on Copperknob and on LineDancer.

Pat Koning teaches line dancing in Clearwater, Florida and Bradford, Ontario, Canada along with John and their daughter Jessica. Pat choreographed a marching dance to The Boy from Ballymore especially for the On Top of the World St. Patrick's Day parade and collaborated with John on their dance Mambo Gelato.

Leila Walker is an up and coming line dance instructor from Clearwater, Florida. We are happy to welcome Leila to our team!