I'm working in an application to convert .mp files (alternative open format for Garmin's IMG map files) to .kml files (Google Earth's open format)

My idea is to create a web portal where you can submit your  .mp file and get a .kmz. Google Earth extension is either .kml or .kmz (zip compressed)

So far I'm working with the Cordoba's mosaic (yes, I live there...) from Proyecto Mapear.



mp2kml versions:

  • v 0.9:
    • Basic support for older ([RGNxx]) mp format. 
  •  v 0.8:
  • v 0.7:
    • Added a user guide together with released files. Should have done this before releasing... :) 
  • v 0.6:
    • First released version!
    • Fixed some bugs
  • v 0.5:
    • All Proyecto Mapear mosaics using script v0.5.
    • Enhanced summary information.
    •  Added some unknown marine? types.
    • Added Phone#, House# and StreetDesc parsing into kml <description> field.
    • Labels for polygons.
  • v 0.4:
    • Mapear v2 complete
    • Compiled all mosaics from Proyecto Mapear!!
    • Added some new Marine icons interpretation.
    • Remove "&" from labels.
    • Output filename automatically generated from mosaic's name.
  • v 0.3:
    • Cordoba Mosaic using script v0.3. Check here a sample image
    • POIs icons. 
    • Removed special icon tag in polyline labels.
    • Changed labels from UPPERCASE to Proper Case.
    • Added polygons.
    • Enhanced polyline's label placement.
    • Do not create empty Folders.
  •  v0.2:
    • Cordoba Mosaic using script v 0.2
    • Added POIs (No icons).
  • v 0.1: 
    • Cordoba Mosaic
    • Basic support for polylines


To do list: 

  • Missing functionality
    • Parsing for CITIES section as well as CityIdx in POIs. 
    • Parsing for COUNTRIES section. 
    • Parsing for REGION section.
    • Parsing for ZIPCODES section as well as ZipIdx in POIs.
    • Polygons with holes are not supported.
  • Bugs
    • Ñ makes case modification to fail.
  • Nice to have
    • Put toghteter all unknown types. 
    • Enhance polygon's label placement.
    • Find information about unknown POI types. 
    • Do not create a new Placemark object for every polyline and instead use the polyline's Placemark label (Is this possible??)


Some usefull links:

  • Proyecto Mapear (Collaborative project that creates free Argentine's maps for use with Garmin GPS receivers. Best of the best!)
  • Garmin (GPS receivers)
  • Google Earth (Awesome world maps!)
  • KML Specification (KML format for use with Google Earth)
  • cGPSmapper (Program to create Garmin's IMG maps. Uses propietar .mp (polish) format)
  • GPSMapEdit (Program to open Garmin's IMG and save to .mp format)

Bold text reflects .mp objects (e.g. POI).

Italic text reflects .kml objects (e.g. Placemark).


jolcese [4t] gmail [d0t] com