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In the wake of the revelations from all the known traitors of America psychologists of the world to report about new pathology: there were patients who think that they are not being watched.  To the question of why they usually answered: "Cui bono?!" 

Math Breakthrough

140 million  to divide by 140 million people equals 1 hectare in Kamchatka


Is this correlation exactly a coincidence?
if not, we have very simple method to calculation of their population each year!

Civilization Gap

In Russia the rock music has age restriction 17+ HoaryRock17.wav
It's a violation of 27.1 of the UDHROn the other hand parents have a prior right under 26.3.
So, to whom we apply a "double standards" for?


All the people agreed that the drugs should be banned because they fund international terrorism. 
Hey, what about oil?


Independent economists and analysts argue that the world economy loses billions of dollars annually, abandoning support brutal dictators and receiving stolen


When I asked a fella-astronomer, why the "Nature" and "Science" do not translate into Russian, he said: "For what? All we known English are"

Flying around Jupiter, Juno didn't stand and taken... a selfie


Little-known fact, but now in the spieschool a compulsory subject studying is violoncello or trombone. Just because into violin is placed quite a bit, even a very large bills


Human Rights, Article 31:  Everyone has the right to dream   (proposal)


When preparing for the World Cup 2018 Russia is building an additional 50 new modern grand covered nightclubs

A potty with russian urine on a bet can push-ups 500 times

Life...   was made

I also want to dance on the graves of their enemies... Under alive music of a symphony orchestra


What's that supposed to mean?  (who would doubt...)


FYI: the correct pronunciation isn't "spUtnik", it is a "spOOtnik"
Russian's   pronounce "Putin" actually is: "Pootin"
And the process of integration their country into the world: "the pooting"

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