Join The Winegard PTA


What Is PTA?
PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association and is the Nations oldest child advocacy organization.

Why Should I Join Winegard PTA?
Joining Winegard PTA makes you a member of this organization and gives you a voice in improving the education, safety and health of your child on a local and national level.


Do I Have To Commit My Time Or Do Something If I Join?
No. While we do encourage you to volunteer and attend meetings, joining PTA does not require you to do so. Paying for your Winegard PTA membership is the only thing you need to do and, in turn, is a positive way of supporting this organization and being an advocate for your child.


Where Does The Money For Joining PTA Go?
A portion of the money goes directly back to the State and National Units in supporting the goals of this organization. Your money goes into helping committees work to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of our children and youth. They also work to bring into closer relation the home and the school.


Join Winegard PTA And Help In Building A Better World For Our Children

Become a member today! Download the Membership Form and return it to school in an envelope marked “PTA Membership” along with the $5.00 membership fee.


Membership Form - English


Membership Form - Spanish 


Membership Form - Haitian Creole


Membership Form - Portuguese