As the first scientific results begin to emerge from groups working on astrophysical transients with the new generation of radio telescopes, it is an appropriate and opportune time for us all to meet to discuss advances in this field. 

This meeting will be a combined meeting for ThunderKAT, LOFAR TKP, TRAPUM, and other groups working on SKA pathfinder radio telescopes worldwide.  The agenda will include developments in survey strategies, new techniques for transient detection and classification, and new results.


The conference will be hosted at the Protea Hotel Kruger Gate


The hotel is on the edge of the Kruger National Park facing the Sabie River toward the Park. There will be many opportunities during the conference to visit this world-famous wildlife reserve, and we encourage you to take a few days either before or after to visit the park during a more relaxed time.



Getting There

Participants will need to arrange their own travel to the conference venue. The closest airport is Mbombela (Nelspruit) International Airport. Johannesburg International Airport is a 5-hour drive from the conference venue.

Some suggested options for travel are:

1.      Arrive at Johannesburg International airport. Then either:

Catch a shuttle from the airport.  We can help to organise shuttles: email krugermeeting [at] gmail.com with your arrival details and we'll try to pair-up shuttle trips (approximately R900). More details of the shuttle options from Johannesburg are to follow.

Hire a car there (Johannesburg) and drive to the hotel. The road (N4) is good, and the drive will take 4 or 5 hours.

2.      Catch a flight connection from Johannesburg to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport - (in Mbombela/Nelspruit). Then either:

Get an airport shuttle directly to the hotel, which will take ~1h30. We can help to organise shuttles: email krugermeeting [at] gmail.com with your arrival details and we'll try to pair-up shuttle trips. Shuttles cost R550/pp for two or more people and R950 individually.

Hire a car at Mbombela airport and drive to the hotel. This option will give you flexibility for self-drive game viewing, and individual transport after or before the conference.

Since Flight connections to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport can be expensive and irregular, we suggest arriving at Johannesburg International, even though the drive will take a few hours (the flight connection delay may in fact be longer). Yet both airports are reasonable options, depending on your individual travel preferences.


The meeting will take place in an area that has malarial risk. The official advice is that participants should take medical malarial precautions in consultation with a doctor.

However, July is low-season for malaria, and thus the risk is significantly reduced.