The 8 Types of Cyberbullying...

The 8 different types of cyberbullying are listed below:

Flaming: Online fights usually through emails, instant messaging  or chat rooms where angry and rude comments are exchanged.

Denigration: Putting mean online messages through email, instant messaging, chat rooms, or websites set up to make fun of someone.

Exclusion: Intentionally leaving someone out of a group such as instant messaging, friend sites, or other online group activities.

Outing: Sharing secrets about someone online including private information, pictures, and videos.

Trickery: Tricking someone into revealing personal information then sharing it with others.

Impersonation: Pretending to be someone else when sending or posting mean or false messages online.

Harassment: Repeatedly sending malicious messages to someone online.

Cyberstalking: Continuously harassing and denigration including threats of physical harm.